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Thursday, October 1st, 2009
7:32 am
Ongoing saga
This morning I got on the train and noticed the guy sitting in the seat that he's been wanting all this time and the woman on the other side. I sit behind her and get nosey so I asked her if she just switched and let him have it. She said no... apparently he got there WAY early and stood watch until the train got there where the door opens and jumped on the train.

She said she's tired of it but since her friend got all hot and bothered yesterday about it, her friend is on a mission now to get THAT seat.

Don't these people have lives?

Anyways, her friend isn't there but I asked her if it's going to stop now and she said unfortunately no because when her friend does get there it's going to escalate because her friend has anger issues... great lol.

Oh and I misunderstood yesterday, he didn't have a doctors note he said he had a note from DART saying he could sit there lol... right.
Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
9:29 am
Ongoing saga
Today. Now that we are all caught up!

I'm used to seeing police there all the time now. It's become every day that they do this.

I get on the train, the man is nowhere in sight. Yay!

I see a woman running for the train, she is older and I'm surprised she's rushing when it's not time to leave yet. She gets on huffing and sits next to the woman with the bag. They have arranged it now that this other lady sits next to her so she can't save the seat with her bag anymore.

The man gets on *dammit* with a police officer. Does the same 'can I sit here' routine she said no.

Then he pulls out a piece of paper in front of her and the officer. It's A DOCTORS NOTE. NOW he says he has seizures and needs to sit in THAT seat because there is more room if he falls down. He won't hit that divider in front of the seats on the right.

The woman that ran to get there before him (it's funny... like a Dart Amazing Race lol!) told the police officer that if it's that bad 1. he doesn't need to be driving and 2. he needs to sit behind the operator in the front car.

In the end, he sat on the right side as always but geez...

He's going to crack one day. Watch for it on the news. He never gets ugly, he never raises his voice, he's abnormally polite about the entire thing and is always always smiling even when just sitting there riding listening to his headphones.

I'll post if anything new happens! So far though the woman has 4 people on the train (don't look at me) that support her and he has the police officer and his doctor lol.

Personally? I think it might be an OCD kind of thing and she needs to stop and think about that for a minute. She doesn't want the confrontation... then give up the seat and sit on the right. That's the only way to make it stop IMO.
9:24 am
Ongoing saga
I'll condense this because it's been weeks now since this started.

The next day I saw them, they were standing talking to a police officer on the train dock. They were arguing over the seat and THERE WAS NO TRAIN! It hadn't even showed yet. Major lol's there.

They get on, she jumps into that seat and again, he comes up to her asking 'can I sit there?' she said NO! Lather, rinse and repeat from the day before.

Oh this time the 'elderly disabled' man gets on the train. He's probably in his late 40's early 50's and is BUFFER not heavier than the other 'disabled' man and he RAN for that train. So no disabled there from what I can see.

Fast forward to probably a week or so later.

Police officer has to get on the train, arguing ensues again over that one particular seat. The woman gets it because she stands RIGHT THERE when the train pulls up and before others get off, she's on there sitting down. That's why he hasn't beat her to it yet.

I hear new news... now instead of her saving the seat for an elderly man, apparently in the past this person wanting to sit next to her has ASSAULTED her and she's not comfortable with him being near her. Not during this ongoing incident but in the way past... ooookay.

Then his new excuse is he needs the legroom because of his disability. I have seen him, he sits legs at a 90 degree angle perfectly straight like a yard stick is in his shirt.

Both lame excuses.

Again, he didn't get that seat.
9:20 am
Ongoing saga
I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago when it first started but I'll just add to it. It's become an every day occurrance!

In the beginning:

Woman gets on the train at Parker. She sits in the very front on the last car and puts her bag on the seat next to her. Man gets on the train and asked to sit in the seat next to her... this is at 5:00 in the morning and the train is EMPTY! Well other than me.

She said no. She told him to find another seat. He said 'well I'm disabled and need THAT seat' and she comes back with 'I'm disabled too and need this seat!' Back and forth throwing the disabled card around.

Note: She walks very quickly to the train every morning, I see her. He looks like he goes to the gym quite a bit so they are both average if not him being healthier than the average person his age.

The train driver comes out. They grab him. Up to this point I thought they were messing with each other until they tell him what's going on. He left to get security after the WTF look. Security comes and they do the 'blah blah I'm more disabled than her/him' deal and that she's holding this other seat for an elderly disabled man getting on the train at Bush. Security gives another WTF look, says for them to handle that themselves and leaves *lol*.

The man said he was going to stand there until she moved her stuff, she said no and after a while he said 'I'll let it go this time'. And sits down in another seat.

BTW the other 'elderly disabled man' never got on the train that day.
Thursday, January 15th, 2009
7:12 am
Red Line going South this morning
Was anyone on the red line going south this morning, the one that left Plano at 6:10?

There was a point to where the train stopped on the tracks and was leaning really badly to the left! I thought we were going to fall over. Eventually we came up to I think Walnut Hill and picked up another train full of people that were stranded.

But why was the train leaning so badly? They had to crawl along instead of going full speed.
Friday, December 19th, 2008
10:00 am
Thanks to djangodurango...
We have a new community icon :)
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
8:15 am
Overheard on the southbound Red Line around 11:00am
There were two older men (probably in their 60s) sitting across from me on the red line last Thursday passing compliments to every young woman who got on and off the train. Both men were clearly intoxicated, and it provided for minutes of entertainment between the LBJ/Central station and City Place.

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Current Mood: amused
7:41 am
Sunflower Seeds Woman
The day before yesterday really made me want to create this community.

A woman gets on the train carrying a bag of sunflower seeds. She sits across from myself and a co worker next to a man. Right before she sits down we thought we saw her spit outright in the aisle of the train. We're thinking NO WAY right? While she's sitting there she's putting handfuls of seeds in her mouth and after a minute, spitting them all OVER the place in the aisle. The poor man next to her just looked at her and then at us. The look on his face was priceless!

Course we started to giggle, try to look away but when the seeds were all stuck to her face and her coat and she's still spitting them out like she's sitting at home we just laughed outright at her. She just kept on like nobody's business. I can't believe the audacity of some people and I feel bad for the people that have to clean up that mess. I'd hate to see her house.
7:38 am
What not to do...
This is probably the most memorable one I have to date...

A girl gets on the train, she looks like a high school student. The first thing she does on a crowded standing room only morning train is announce loudly 'Don't panic! I'm coming through! I don't want to hurt anyone!'. And she starts walking down the aisles. She stops at the second set of doors and holds onto the pole and starts singing/yelling 'Praise Jesus!!!' then keeps on walking to the other train doing it again.

7:18 am
Since this is a new community we need a new icon! If anyone has anything they'd like to submit for our default user icon that we can use I'd love to see it :)

Share any Dart related stories on this site. I have several that I'll post when I get a chance. Thanks!!!
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